Vernon C. Neal Sportsplex

Fall Soccer

Beginning in October 2013

at The Vernon C. Neal Sportsplex

200 Dunn Ave. – Washington, PA 15301

Phone: 724-222-2522 Fax: 724-222-2550 Email:

Be part of the action this fall at the Vernon C. Neal Sportsplex

The facility features the latest and safest playing field. We have leagues for all ages.

Age Divisions

Age Division * Play Date ** Players On Field
U8 Co-Ed Sat/Sun 7+1
U10 Girls Fri/Sat/Sun 7+1
U10 Boys Fri/Sat/Sun 7+1
U12 Girls Sat/Sun 6+1
U12 Boys Fri/SatSun 6+1
U14 Girls Sat/Sun 5+1
U14 Boys Thu/Sat/Sun 5+1
HSG Tue/Wed/Thu/Sun 5+1
HSB Tue/Wed/Thu/Sun 5+1

* The Vernon C. Neal Sportsplex reservces the right to combine age groups.

** Teams will primarily play their games on the day listed, but MAY have games on other days.

Play for the 8 game season begins October 25th

  • Cost per team: $900 plus referee fees, which are paid to the referees prior to the start of each game
  • Referee Fees: $8 per game per team for U8, U10, & U12
  • $10 per game per team for U14
  • $20 per game per team for High School Girls & Boys

A $200 deposit is required when registering a team

Receive a $200 discount off of the team fee, if your team is registered by October 16, 2013

Inline Hockey Standings

Dekes of Hazzard 4-0-0 41 14 12
MamaLukes 3-1-0 41 16 9
Knights 3-1-0 38 20 9
TMP 3-2-0 38 22 9
Salty Pirates 3-2-0 26 30 9
Wicked Biscuit 3-2-0 25 32 9
Chiefs 2-3-0 24 37 6
Zimmerman’s Night Watch 1-3-0 6 38 3
PuckHeads 0-3-1 17 40 1
Red Rockets 0-3-1 24 31 1
Goals Per Game
MamaLukes 10.3
Dekes of Hazard 10.3
Knights 9.5
TMP 7.6
Red Rockets 6.0
Salty Pirates 5.2
Wicked Biscuits 5.0
Chiefs 4.8
Puck Heads 4.3
Zimmerman’s Night Watch 1.5
Goals Against Per Game
Dekes of Hazard 3.57
Mamalukes 4.00
TMP 4.40
Knights 5.00
Salty Pirates 6.00
Wicked Biscuits 6.45
Chiefs 7.40
Red Rockets 7.75
Zimmerman’s Night Watch 9.50
Puck Heads 10.00
Shots For Per Game
Red Rockets 40.0
Dekes of Hazzard 38.3
MamaLukes 33.5
Knights 32.3
TMP 32.0
Chiefs 30.8
Salty Pirates 29.8
Wicked Biscuits 26.0
Puck Heads 25.0
Zimmerman’s Night Watch 11.8
Shots Against Per Game
Dekes of Hazzard 21.0
Knights 22.8
MamaLukes 24.5
TMP 25.2
Chiefs 27.2
Wicked Biscuits 31.2
Red Rockets 36.5
Puck Heads 36.8
Salty Pirates 37.2
Zimmerman’s Night Watch 39.3
Leading Scorers GP G A PTS
Justin Cormack, Dekes of Hazzard 4 20 8 28
Connor Farren, MamaLukes 4 12 10 22
Dan Trunk, MamaLukes 4 12 9 21
Ed Kessler, MamaLukes 4 6 11 17
Chris Allison, TMP 4 9 6 15
Brandon Crawford, Knights 4 12 2 14
Steve Trombetta, Chiefs 5 11 2 13
Tony Mucci, Knights 3 7 5 12
Eric Galentine, TMP 5 10 2 12
Jeremy Fleeher, Knights 4 6 5 11
Ethan Rupprecht, Chiefs 3 5 6 11
Matt Amelio, Salty Pirates 5 5 6 11
Brett Zofcheck, Dekes of Hazzard 3 4 7 11
Jake Betzner, Wicked Biscuits 5 7 3 10
Mike McGovern, Red Rockets 2 6 4 10
Brent Mueller, Salty Pirates 5 6 4 10
Evan Bukowski, Dekes of Hazard 4 4 6 10
Jason Roux, Dekes of Hazzard 3 2 8 10
Anthony Evick, Red Rockets 4 7 2 9
Grant Denmead, Wicked Biscuits 5 2 7 9
Davan Groom, Salty Pirates 5 6 2 8

Youth Flag Football

Age Groups 6-8 and 9-12 (All Co-Ed)

Welcome to the fall 2013 Youth Flag Football League at the Vernon C. Neal Sportsplex.

Please find included on this page basic information concerning the league. Please let your coach or we here at the Vernon C. Neal Sportsplex know of any questions or concerns you may have.

    • Equipment: The only equipment that is required is a mouth piece. Each player is required to wear a mouth piece during each game. The league will supply each player with the first mouth piece. Please read the instructions on the package and for the proper fitting of the mouth piece. We will have a supply of mouth pieces here at the facility if you lose or forget to bring one. The cost is $1.00 for each additional mouth piece. Each player can wear tennis shoes or soccer or football rubber spikes. The player should wear loose fitting clothes that will allow the player to run comfortably.


    • Practice: Practices will be held at the Vernon C. Neal Sportsplex and will be set up and run by the team’s coaches.


    • Games: All games will be played at the Vernon C. Neal Sportsplex, with many being played on Saturday afternoons. There will be mid-week games during the season. The first game will be on Saturday, September 28, 2013.In order to have more warm up time prior to each game, when each player arrives, they should go to their locker room (We will have home and visitor locker rooms) and put their belts on. Parents may help their child in the locker room with this. Locker rooms are located to the right as you enter the facility.


    • Play: We will try and have each player play about the same amount of time, with each player getting a chance to play each position. This is to be a fun and enjoyable learning experience for all of the players. Please allow all of the players to enjoy this experience.


    • Admission: Each game there will be an admission fee for all parents and spectators who attend the game. The fee is $2.50 for adults, $1.50 for senior citizens (62 and up) and $1.50 for students in grades 2 thru 12. Children in grades 1 and below are free. The admission fee will be collected at the door. Coaches and players are free. We thank you for your continued support of our programs.


  • Concession Stand: The Vernon C. Neal Sportsplex has a full concession stand and will be opened during all games. No outside food or drink is permitted in the facility. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Visiting Team: Will sit on the bench near the scoreboard and wear the red jersey.

Home Team: Will sit on the bench near the front entrance and wear the white jersey.

Any person whose conduct is detrimental to the league will be suspended from that game or any remaining games.

All cancellations will be announced and WJPA 1450 AM and 95.3 FM.

You can make a difference during the United Way Campaign. Use the Donor Choice – Brownson House Code 43. Thank you!


Monday September 9 and Wednesday September 11 from – 6:00 to 8:00 At The Vernon C. Neal Sportsplex

Cost: $60.00 Includes Jersey

**$45 per player if you have your red & white reversible jersey from our previous Flag Football Leagues**

No refunds unless league is cancelled! May combine age divisions!

Games are scheduled for throughout the week and on weekends

(Please make checks payable to the Vernon C. Neal Sportsplex)

DEADLINE TO REGISTER & PAY: September 11, 2013

(Registration is valid only if payment is received by September 11, 2013)

You can register in one of three ways:

  1. REGISTER ONLINE: Fill out the online form below, we may still need a parent/guardian signature when you arrive at the Vernon C. Neal Sportsplex.

  2. REGISTER BY MAIL: Download the form, print & fill it out, and mail to:

    THE VERNON C. NEAL SPORTSPLEX – 200 Dunn Ave. – Washington, PA 15301

    (Alternatively, you can bring the printed form with you in person)

  3. REGISTER IN PERSON: on Monday, September 9 or Wednesday, September 11 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm at the Vernon C. Neal Sportsplex.

Download Registration Form

Soccer Player Registration

Age Groups 5-7 and 8-10


Saturday October 12 and October 19 – 2:00 to 3:30 At the Brownson House – Red Brick Building

Cost: $55.00 Includes T-Shirt

Games are scheduled for Sunday afternoons

No Practices – Games Only

All games played in The Brownson House gym – we will provide medals

You can register in one of three ways:

  1. Fill out the online form below, we may still need a parent/guardian signature when you arrive at The Brownson House.

  2. Download the form, print & fill it out, and bring it in with you.

  3. Show up on either Saturday October 12 or October 19 from 2:00 to 3:30 at The Brownson House and we will help get you registered!

 Download Registration Form

Soccer Player Registration
  •   Yes
  • We will try to accommodate your coach or teammate requests but can make no promises.
  • By submitting this form I hereby, for myself, team members, heirs, executors and administrators, waive and release any and all rights and claims for damages I may have against the Brownson House and/or Vernon C. Neal Sportsplex, staff members and other persons working for the league for any and all injuries and losses which may be suffered in connection with competition in the league.