League Information


Takes Place At: Vernon C. Neal Sportsplex

Early Bird Registration Deadline: Dec. 17, 2018

Start Date: January 2, 2019

Number of Games:  10 games for youth – 8 games for adults

End Date: April 1st, 2019

Age Groups: U8, U10, U12, U14, High School, Adult

Cost:  $990.00 plus ref fees for returning teams from the fall 2018, registering by Dec. 17, 2018.

$1130.00 plus ref fees for all other teams, registering by Dec. 17, 2018

$1,300.00 plus ref fees for all teams that register after Dec. 17, 2018

ADULT TEAMS: 400.00 PER TEAM plus ref fees

Referee Fees:

U8, U10 & U12               $8.00 per team per game
U14                                    $20.00 per team per game
High School & Adults  $20.00 per team per game


Season Start: January 2, 2019

Season End: April 1, 2019

Division Schedules

U8 –  

U10 Girls –

U10 Boys –

U12 Girls –

U12 Boys –

U14 Girls –

U14 Boys –

High School Girls –

High School Boys –





No outside food is permitted in the facility.

Payment Procedure: A $200.00 deposit is due prior to teams being registered.  The remaining balance is due by the second week of play.

No refunds will be given for games not played.

All players must be able to show proof of age, if requested.  The only forms of ID that will be accepted are:

P.A. West Player Card/Birth Certificate with photo ID/School Photo ID/Driver’s License

We reserve the right to adjust divisional play accordingly.

If in the opinion of the Vernon C. Neal Sportsplex management, the conditions on the roadways are considered unsafe, each team will be called.  Games missed will be made up at the first available time.  Only games that the Vernon C. Neal Sportsplex cancels will be rescheduled.  Games missed due to the opponent canceling, will not be made up.

There will be no playing with balls of any type anywhere in the facility off of the turf surface.  Balls that are brought into the facility must remain hidden (in bags etc.) until coaches and players get onto the field of play.

Helmets are highly recommended for all goalies.

No cleats with metal studs are allowed in the building.

All players must wear age appropriate shin guards covered by stockings.

Age divisions U12 and below will use a # 4 ball, while divisions above the U12 level will use a # 5 ball.

Players on the Field: U8  through U10 – 7 plus keeper

U11 through U12 – 6 plus keeper

U14 through adults – 5 plus keeper

League games may end in a tie.

No offside rule.

Items worn for adornment that could be dangerous to players are prohibited.

Hair control items must be made of soft material.  Beads, metal or plastic clips are not permitted.

Jewelry shall not be worn by any player.  Taping over jewelry is prohibited.  It is the responsibility of the coach to make sure each player is not wearing any jewelry.  Religious or medical medals must be taped to the body with medical data visible.  In the case of adult divisions, it is at the referees’ discretion.

No spitting in the facility, including on the field.

It is responsible of each team coach to inform and enforce all facility rules amongst his/her team and fans

Facility management will not tolerate from coaches improper communication toward their players, referees, parents, other coaches or management,  which includes screaming, yelling, negative reinforcement and condescending comments or actions.

Fans are not to badger players or referees.  Referees may award a 2-minute penalty to the team of the offending fans.

Fans must remain in the designated areas and are not permitted on the field.

No coaching from the sidelines

Failure to concede to the rules will result in removal from the facility.

Suspended players must leave the facility

For your safety, please don’t view the game from behind the goal areas.

No vulgar language or gestures

The facility is a smoke free and alcohol free building.

All referee decisions are final.

There must be an adult on the bench at all times (18 or older) and no more than 3 coaches on the bench.


F.I.F.A. outdoor rules apply with the following exceptions:

Subbing on the fly is permitted.  Players leaving the field must touch the hand of the entering player and should be within 10 feet of the boards.  Play will not be stopped for substitutions.  First offense will result in verbal warning, while any further violations will result in a two minute penalty.

Keepers are not permitted to punt or drop kick the ball. First offense will result in verbal warning, while further violations will result in an IFK (Indirect Free Kick) from the corner.

Free kicks – the opposing players must at least 10 feet away from ball.

No more than a 5-goal difference will be displayed on the scoreboard.  Teams that score more than the 5-goal differential will have additional goals added each time the opponent scores.

Balls hitting side netting or ceiling or going out of bounds, will be restarted with an IFK from where the ball went out of bounds.  If the ball hits the netting between the corner dots, a goal kick or a corner kick will be awarded.

Boarding is charging an opponent into the dasher boards.  This includes a fair charge.  The contact force will determine the call by the referee discretion – from DFK to serious foul play.

Players cannot use the boards to gain an advantage (pushing along, clutching the top of the boards, extending body from boards).  IFK will be awarded at the spot.

Kickoff may be kicked in any directions and a goal may be scored directly from the kickoff.

Any player issued a Yellow Card (caution) will receive a 2-minute penalty.  Offending team will play a man short for a full two minutes, unless the opposing team scores a goal before the penalty expires, at which the penalty ends. When a yellow card violation occurs in the box, a penalty kick will be awarded from the top of the red line (red line farthest from the goal).  If a goal results from the PK, then the player is released from the penalty box.

Any player issued a Red Card (disqualified) will be sent off for the remainder of the game and the next.  The team of the offending player will play short for the full two minutes regardless of the number of goals scored against them.  At the end of the two minutes, the player sent off may be replaced on the field by another player. When a red card violation occurs in the box, a penalty kick will be awarded from the top of the red line (red line farthest from the goal).  If a goal results from the PK, the player is not released from the box.  The full penalty must be served.

Penalties begin on the restart whistle.

At no time will a team play more than two players short due to multiple penalties.  As the penalties expire, the additional penalties will be added till all the penalties are served.

No Sliding – A player will be called for sliding any time they leave their feet on their own in the judgment of the officials.  This will be called even if no other players are in the vicinity.  Sliding to shoot is not permitted.  First offense will result in a team verbal warning.  Further team slides may result in a Yellow Card (2-minute penalty). A reach is permitted…a player who extends his one leg and then has his other knee hit the turf is permitted

Keepers, while in the penalty box, may slide and use their body to make a save or get control of the ball in ways that are permissible by FIFA rules.  (One hand constitutes control)

Any player deliberately trying to injure another player will be given an automatic one game suspension.

Any player receiving 2 one-game suspensions will be ineligible for the remainder of the season or four games (whichever is less)

Any player throwing a punch or involved in a fight will automatically be ineligible for the remainder of the season.  May appeal to be reinstated after four games.

Rules for unsportsmanlike conduct:

1st offense – verbal warning

2nd offense – yellow card

3rd offense – red card


If you have any questions or would like information concerning this league, please contact Harry Sanders at 724-222-2522 or send us an email!

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